The construction of NEO 350 N°3 has begun

1 October 2018
Welcome Alemaro – 3rd Neo 400+ in the water
19 March 2019

The construction of NEO 350 n 3 has begun

As shown in picture 1, fiberglass fabrics of various weights and reinforcements in carbon fabrics, where allowed by regulations, have already been positioned.
The boat will naturally be made in infusion, as standard specifications, but on NEO 350 n3 Epoxy resin will be used for all the construction. It will be possible to personalize, as on all NEOs, agreed with the owner, choosing between wheels or tiller, between the possibility of having two rudder blades, or single blade and the keel (ORC / IRC) or the keel with bulb.
To promote the diffusion of this model, which is meeting a great interest among sailing enthusiasts, NEO YACHTS & COMPOSITEST will be able to deliver the NEO 350 n 3 by next spring, just in time for the most important 2019 sailing events.

Come and visit us for checking the care in the construction and especially, with a sea trial, the sailing nautic qualities of the NEO 350 in Bari.
For booking and information contact:
Send us a Mail
or Call Alessandro @ +39 340 9721154
The photo n 2 highlighting the precision of the workmanship. The machine in the center of the hull is a laser projector that allows to indicate exactly the height to which the tissues of the next layer will have to arrive.

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