58th International Nautical Salon Ended
28 September 2018
The construction of NEO 350 N°3 has begun
29 November 2018
The inauguration of the new NEO YACHTS & COMPOSITES Shipyard in Bari last spring, the presentation of the new NEO 350, its launch, the various tests in the presence of possible customers and the many interventions, videos and photos on the most important social media on the web they are doing well to know the new boats of the construction site of the twice Olympic Paolo Semeraro. As soon as the NEO 350 has been launched, it has given rise to a great deal of interest, due to its design and construction features and its sport line, despite the fact that it was not materially presented at the recent Genoa Motor Show. We also had a nice confirmation: the visit of some nautical magazines and not only, to our stand who wanted more information and documentation for writing articles on the NEO 350. The first to go out publicly is Liguria Nautica, a magazine also online which leaves the regional boundaries and extends over the national territory. We thank the editors of Liguria Nautica for their work Read Full Article

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